What to Expect From your Family Portrait Session

Session Success

During the session, please sit back and relax.  It's often a natural instinct to want to coerce your family members into smiling by asking him/her to "say cheese" or by doing something silly.  I pride myself on engaging with your family members of all ages in a way that elicits a natural and emotive response.  It tends to work best if everyone stays back, relaxed (so long as you & your family members are comfortable) to allow me to work one-on-one with the subjects.

Before your session…

-Pre-session phone consultation to discuss locations and clothing options.

-Client submit and session contract

-2 days prior to your session, we will send an appointment confirmation via phone and/or email.

After your session…

-Approximately 2 weeks after your session an online shopping cart will be sent via email.

-Schedule an in-person ordering appointment where you'll have an opportunity to review your session while making final print and product selections.

-Your custom portraits will be delivered 2-3 weeks from the time the order was placed.

Special Treats

I encourage you, if there are small children in your family unit, not to bribe your kid (s) or promise special treats prior to the session.  In my experience children can be so focused on earning a treat they want to rush through the session to earn said prize.  With your permission I would like to offer your child a special surprise as we near the end of the session.  This usally works wonders for me in capturing additional frames we may have otherwise missed as kids are typically intrigued by a new promise of a reward.  I have a variety of treats available (stickers, activity sheets with colored pencils, and sweet treats).  If you would prefer your child not have an edible surprise, please let me know and I will plan accordingly.

Break Time

If your child becomes restless at any point during the session please know that it's not uncommon for me to set down my camera and play with your child for a few minutes.  This gives your child a break and helps them trust that I have their best interest in mind.

A common question amoung clients is what they should wear to their portrait session. Clothing choices are an integral part of the final prints so for that reason I'm outlining a few things to consider when selecting outifts.

Coordinate Colors

Coordinating colors tend to photography better than outfits that are perfeectly matched.  Consider selecting a palette of 3-4 coordinating colors and select outfits whitin the palette for each family member.

Add Some Layers

Layering vests, jackets and scarves is an easy and natural way to give depth and texture to your final images.  While its fun to play with accesssories, try not to overdo it or they may end up distracting from the subject (s).

Be True to You

My goal is to capture authentic images of your children and/or your family.  Select clothes that reflect your personal style and taste rather than forcing yourselves into something trendy or outside of your comfort zone.

Back Up Your Treasures

Andera Photography is not responsible for lost digital files. It is highly recommended you back up your files every 1-2 years. Andera Photography stores your digital files for 18 months as agreed upon in the contract. Please do not alter or reedit my images when you receive them.
please remember • for an optimal experience • - A change of clothes
- A brush or comb
- A snack
- Any special items you would like included in the photo session.
Fine Art Photography

Andera Photography specializes in fine art portraiture. We strive to offer you the most unique experience as well as the finest prints and products. Weather you are interested in an individual, newborn or family session to document an amazing moment, we’ve got what you’re looking for. At Andera Photography, you will have a laid back session experience and an end product styled with Andera Photography’s unique brand and style.

As a boutique studio, access to beautiful family heirlooms is of utmost importance. With any collection that you choose, all prints and products are 25% off.

I do take a very limited number of sessions per month, so please inquire at your earliest convenience to ensure space! Most mamas book somewhere in their second trimesters, though I occasionally have last minute openings.

We can’t wait to hear more about your family!

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