"i want to marry you on top of a mountain" Destination Coverage

Andera Photography and our team will go where you go.  Kim, along with associate photographers, will arrive the day prior to your wedding to scope out the location,
be there for your ceremony, rehearsal and provide in-depth recommendations for wedding photo locations.

We LOVE travel and are thrilled to venture away for your wedding day. 
We heavily discount for destination wedding photography more than 6 hours drive (outside NE IA area / Iowa | Minnesota | Wisconsin).

Contact Kim to discuss accommodations for videographers & photographers. 

Travel accommodations include but are not limited to:

$1.10 per mile in one direction, Airfare, hotel accommodations, car rental and 2 meals per day. 


Save The Date

Time’s ticking down until the big day so be sure to contact us with your save the date and wedding invitation orders as soon as possible. We have styles-a-plenty to complement any wedding color palette and our design team is ready to help you channel your vision into a one of a kind look. We  can help with everything from the shoot to design to delivery of your personalized paper products. If you haven’t yet scheduled your engagement shoot with us give Kim a call and we will get the ball rolling on how to book the session of your dreams.


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Tayler Made Guesthouse 

Engagement Session

Romance is in the air and the anticipation of a lifetime together comes to a crescendo in the fleeting weeks leading up to your wedding, causing you to wonder: Is an engagement shoot really necessary? After all, don’t the wedding pictures represent the beginning of our lives together?

At Andera Photography, we believe having an engagement photo session is important for several reasons. First, this time allows you, as a couple, to get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer, and figure out how you work best together before the main event. Next, you can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting, while creating some fun, memorable images for wall portraits, your wedding sign in book and Thank You cards (shot early enough, we can also provide the images for your Save the Date cards and invitations). Engagement portraits also add another dimension to your wedding album, chronicling your story from frolicking fiancees to husband and wife. Best of all, you can remember this special time forever with personal memories of just the two of you, away from the throngs of loved ones and friends.

The First Look

It’s a new age, so it’s no longer considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. What’s more, there are actually some pretty big advantages to a first-look session prior to the wedding. Not only are the bride, groom, bridal party and family in top form, the bride and bridesmaids’ hair and makeup are fresh, and the groom and groomsmen are still OK with being in their tuxes. 

If you do decide to go with a pre-ceremony formal portrait approach, be sure to set aside 15 minutes of private time for just the two of you. These private moments, before you start taking more formal, posed portraits, are often the most special for the bride and groom. You are able to say a prayer together, or exchange meaningful gifts, relax and think about the moments to come. This quiet, contemplative time also serves as a break to calm your nerves. This healthy pre-ceremony atmosphere created a smooth, steady flow through the day’s events. Getting this step out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests. 

BRIDE | groom the beautiful

You've heard it a thousands times but I will say it again.  

Beauty comes from the inside out!

When you revel in the joy of your day and allow yourself to be consumed by the love and commitment of you and your partner, it shows.  The pictures will tell the story of it's depth, width and exuberance!  Let love shine right through you.  

Relax,  you really are beautiful.


Good posture is the icing on the wedding cake. You might look good enough to eat, but slouching makes wedding photos seem a little less dishy. So stand up tall!


Allow 50% more time for hair and makeup than you originally anticipated on the big day. This will ensure you have plenty of time for all the portraits you want to take before the wedding.


Make sure to take excellent care of your skin in the weeks leading up to your special day. This means a daily, faithful date with a quality cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliant (when necessary).


Be sure to have a hair and makeup trial at least a month before your wedding for peace of mind. Make sure to snap a few images after your session to make sure all elements, from makeup, to hair, to dress, to jewelry, are a perfect match—and fabulously photogenic.


Go easy on the shimmers and translucent powders. A little goes a long way, but too much ends up looking streaky and unpolished.  Got glitter?  Skip it!  Glitter looks great in person (sometimes) but in a photograph looks like dandruff.
Just say no to glitter on your wedding day.


Because you’re likely to look washed out without it, wear more makeup than you would if you were going out for the evening. Even if you are not the type to wear a ton of makeup, make an exception for your wedding day. You will not regret it. The safest bet is to hire a professional to do your make up.

While you're at it, talk to them about falsies.  Even if it seems counterintuitive, most wedding makeup artists will swear on false eyelashes, and I do too. Not only do they make your eyes pop, you will hardly even notice that they’re there. Make sure to research and consult with your makeup artist to know which ones to buy.


Dearest Couple-To-Be,

I am thrilled you have chosen Andera Photography to document your story.  I look forward to our team exceeding your expectations with artistry, service, and one-of-a-kind products. It delights me to work with you and I look forward to creating beautiful memories for you and your family for years to come.  

If you are curious why I do what I do, read on...

Everyone has a reason why, right?

Here's mine.
As a wedding photographer, I’ve been featured on A Northwoods Wedding Blog. When I’m not busy working on editing, you can catch me hiking, biking, rollerblading, or just power napping. I love traveling and my bags are always packed, ready for the next big adventure or to capture yours. My favorite places to visit are Colorado, Arizona, California and northern Minnesota. Maine is on the top of my bucket list.  This seems cool,


For me, boutique wedding photography really encompasses telling the greatest love story of all time, your story.

These are the images that will be in your family for generations. When I think of the reason this work is so important to me, I recall my grandparents. I saw one of the only images of them while they were dating before they married.  They looked so madly in love; you can feel it just looking at the photograph. Had I not known that my grandfather never drank a drop of alcohol in his life I’d think he was drunk, now I now he was LOVE drunk. As an adult, my grandma Monroe would tell me stories about how much he loved her and how he couldn’t keep his hands off her. She misses that now that he’s gone.  Looking back on her memories captures in still frames, I can feel that love. I want that for you. I want that for your granddaughter.

If love letters, long walks on the beach or dreamy escapes from reality are part of the fairy tale you live with your soon to be right now, let’s talk.


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